Pathways to system change

Pathways to systems change

Imagining different futures

To explore what transformed systems could look like, we developed three future world scenarios that display life in 2050 if we were to take radical action against climate change and growing inequality now. During our experimentation process, the three worlds serve as a compass, steering discussions toward diverse pathways that could lead to various system configurations. This enables us to embrace diverse perspectives, values, and contexts as well as stimulate participants' creativity and imagination. Achieving a sustainable and equitable world can manifest in multiple forms. So by starting with these ideal visions, we aim to foster an environment which is conducive to envisioning alternative worlds.

Earth shot

This is a bold and brave world of high risk/reward. We learn to imitate nature while leaving it untouched. Technological innovation is key. 

In 2030, we employ large-scale decarbonisation technology; decouple industry from nature; use Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared car (ACES). 

In 2050, we form global coalitions on biotech-economy and renewables; have a shared, autonomous transport sector; create foods that release land to nature.


This is a frugal, local and slow world. We are living according to what’s needed and environmentally viable. 

In 2030, we value seasonal and nutritional food; stay within our planetary boundaries; know our nearby renewable energy sources; innovate to make the most out of our limited resources. 

In 2050, we grow, collectivist or share our food; move through virtual spaces; adapt life to what is available when; innovate to make the most out of our limited resources.


This is a world aspiring to collective welfare, inclusion and balance. We give rights to nature and take on a global approach to sustainability. 

In 2030, we decarbonize by adapting to nature; adopt a valorisation of ecosystem health that drives our relation with nature; make public transport comfortable and affordable; actively consider nature’s share for a healthy world.

In 2050, we will drop fossil fuels; follow regenerative farming principles (give more than you take); strive for global sufficiency principles; act in a sustainable and just way.

Niche from the future game

The Niche from the Future is a fun and accessible card game that helps players to imagine and invest in desirable futures using conceptualisations from Deep Transitions. In the game, players compete to come up with the most thought-provoking and imaginative niches that could function in our three future world scenarios.

The game aims to be a playful and social experience that gives investors the opportunity to engage with the three future worlds in a new, creative way. By sparking their  imagination, it encourages a closer connection and ownership of each world and a more concrete idea of which niches could form part of it. The game is a useful tool for brainstorming and discovering transformative niches to invest in – enabling participants to translate abstract concepts into tangible and actionable configurations.

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